JSTARC Kolhapur conducts Self Defense workshop for 200 female students in Kolhapur

Kolhapur – January 2017

JSTARC Kolhapur conducts Self Defense workshop for 200 female students in Kolhapur

By In News On January 30, 2017

About 200 female students & staff members of the Yashwantrao Patil Science College, Solankur participated in a self-defense seminar conducted by JSTARC team from Kolhapur. The session was held on 29th January 2017 & initiated by Dr. (Mrs.) Sutare – (Head of Anti- Sexual Harassment and Women Empowerment Committee). The workshop was held in the college premises from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. The team received an enthusiastic response to the training in basic self-defense that included warm- up, blocks, punches & fundamental knowledge of pressure points.








Knowledge of how to defend oneself is the need of time. Today women & girls have ventured into many areas of education & work that require travel at odd hours or in remote areas. At these times, such training is effective as it has a comprehensive methods needed to confront unwanted & sudden adverse situations. A Student comments, “This workshop was an eye-opener. There are many easy methods to help me if I am in danger that I never knew before. It was also fun to learn.”

Mr. Amol Bhosale, head of JSTARC Kolhapur says, “The techniques we teach are simple & effective. If practiced on a regular basis they not only increase your agility & alertness, but also enhance your fitness levels. JSTARC has conducted many such workshops for students & corporate. We are thankful to the staff, especially Mr. Magdum for their support.”








This initiative was a part of a comprehensive program called ‘Street’ developed by experts at JSTARC. The principle & techniques used are inspired by the self-defense oriented martial art- Hapkido. ‘Street’ is now promoted in schools, colleges. Our workshops can be booked by any corporate, organisation, club or institute by contacting JSTARC offices.