From the CEO’s Desk

Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results

Welcome all to the 3rd edition of our mega event Jalnawala’s IMAC’13 (International Martial Arts Championship) – an ultimate place for fame &  for knowledge.

We come together once again to celebrate this championship, the spirit of sportsmanship & most importantly uphold the culture of taekwondo & the bond it creates. Jalnawala’s IMAC’ 13 is a unique platform – one of a kind in India, where taekwondo enthusiasts across the nation can train, compete, win & learn under one roof. It has always been Team JSTARC’s aim to offer the best in class training & an arena for fair competition that matches international standards right here in India.

I am sure that teams are gearing too compete – win & students to gain from the visiting masters. But, today neither winning is important or proving to be a worthy opponent. What is important is coming together for a common purpose & this purpose is uniting under a single umbrella for a common goal of creating a strong team India which is worthy of taking on any team from any country. I believe that we have far superior talent & capable coaches & stronger in aspect of values, perseverance, knowledge & strength. The only thing we lack is probably unity. We are scattered across this vast country & there are not enough platforms to connect & interact.

Therefore, I appeal to all coaches, heads, students to leave aside their differences, whether economic, social, personal or idealistic & make Jalnawala’s IMAC an event that will help you fulfil your ambition as a sportsman & a means to let the true spirit of Taekwondo into your lives. In the global arena a sport & a competition plays a significant part in lighting a flame of patriotism in our hearts. Let Jalnawala’s IMAC be a national pride & let it play an integral part in our mission of coming together for Taekwondo as a Martial art. Let us all realise the higher purpose of sports today. They help in forming a healthy society & give many a sense of confidence & a sense of belonging to a team. Thus in our attempt to achieve glories, win recognitions & share a platform with legendary masters, lets’ not forget that with unity we can prove that different people, cultures & players of all ages & talents can co-exist & co-operate to give India a name & place of honour in the world Martial Arts arena.

As I take an oath to be a fair Sportsman & aim higher than our differences, I am sure that you will share this view & I will see you at my side enjoying every moment of the upcoming Jalnawala’s IMAC’ 13.

 || Shree Krishnarpannamastu ||


Master Nilesh Jalnawala

CEO & Technical Director

6th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, Kukkiwon

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4th Dan Black Belt in Hapkido, World Kido Federation

1st W.T.F. Certified Kyrougi & Poomsae Coach in India

International Master Instructor, Kukkiwon

W.T.F. & Kukkiwon Awardee