2014 Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders Forum

Seoul, August 2014

2014 Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders Forum

By In News On August 26, 2014

Master Nilesh Jalnawala with Mr. Jeong Mansoon – President, Kukkiwon

Master Nilesh Jalnawala – head of Jalnawala Sports Training & Research Centre (JSTARC) was a part of the recently concluded 2014 Seoul World Taekwondo Leaders Forum held in Seoul, Korea. Along with him were, Master Jai Kumar Kannan, Master H.L.Muthappa & Master Balkrishna Bhandari. The delegation represented JSTARC as a prominent KOMS member from India.

Various seminars, conferences & discussions were held over a span of 4 days where masters & grandmasters from across the globe interacted. It was a formal affair & had the presence of prominent Taekwondo authorities from Korea. The various aspects & the possible developments in the sport were discussed. The inauguration & welcome ceremony was held in the presence of the President of Kukkiwon & the Mayor of Seoul City.

This year the forum discussed topics like the ‘Understanding of Self-Defense & Teaching Method’ & ‘Outreach Programs to Educate the Community About Taekwondo’. Apart from the above there were presentations & talks on ‘Arming Students with Productive Thinking Skills Through Taekwondo’.

Master Nilesh Jalnawala Says, “JSTARC is a privileged Kukkiwon KOMS Member & also a regular at an event such as Leader’s Forum. It is an apt platform to meet masters from all over the world & witness the latest developments in Taekwondo. They are an excellent guide to further JSTARC’s work in India”

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