Message From The CEO

Master Nilesh Jalnawala

What can YOU do for Taekwondo?

Before I tell you my thoughts today, I wish to thank you for the enthusiastic response received for my article ‘A Call for Unity’. I was glad to see so many people share my views and this has renewed my faith in the future of Taekwondo in India.

In the 20 years that Taekwondo has been in India, we have seen talented players who have made India proud in the international arena. However, today even when we see the sport rising in popularity & many youngsters practicing it, I do not see adequate contribution from the older generation of taekwondo masters towards the sport. If they come forward with their rich experience, our players will only get stronger. Most of the people who have passionately been with the sport in the past have become officials, players or trainers. Some of us are earning fame, some are earning money, and some are getting an opportunity to visit foreign countries for higher education in the sport. We all are being benefitted from the sport in one way or the other. So I wish to ask you today – What is it that you can do for the sport you have received so much from?

I feel, as experienced sportsmen we have a duty towards Taekwondo. Many capable people have tried to uplift the status of the sport and nurtured good players. However, most of their efforts have hit a dead end. To create world-class players we need innovative programs, a focus on the latest techniques study on performances of players from other countries. We must understand and be able to provide the resources needed by our sportsmen. This is not happening yet & the overall scene does not promise it to happen in the near future too.

Fortunately, not all is lost yet. The seniors and veterans in the sport must now come together to fight against mismanagement, inferior facilities unprofessionalism in Taekwondo. Personally, I see this as a fight against corrupt views. The fight that ensures to offer Indian talent a fair chance on the world stage. ‘It is not that we do not have certified professionals but there is a lot of inaction.’

So…. is the future of Taekwondo dark? Has the spark really gone? Do we lose hope?
I say “NO”. If you ask me, there is no lack of ideas, talent and knowledge, what lacks is ‘Vision’. It is a need of the hour to break the barriers in our minds and think beyond just ‘My Academy’, ‘My Students’ and ‘My Popularity’. Dream the bigger picture. Dream of Indian Taekwondo on the World stage… If you are a coach, teach your students to be the best. If you are a player, perfect your game. If you are an official, strive to bring the best and latest knowledge of Taekwondo to India. Together we can & we will create the golden era of Taekwondo.

Just question yourself today… What can I do for Taekwondo?

|| Shree Krishnarpanamastu ||

Master Nilesh Jalnawala

  • CEO & Technical Director, JSTARC
  • 7th Dan Black Belt Taekwondo