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Know Out More About JSTARC

Jalnawala’s Sports Training and Research Center (JSTARC) is an organization that has become synonymous with major activities in martial art in India today. Better known for its innovative programs in Taekwondo & Hapkido, JSTARC was formed with an intention of promoting various fitness & sports related programs. Active in this field for over a decade, the center has to its credit of successfully organizing & executing 3of India’s largest, 1st of their kind & most successfully organized & executed martial art events- JSTARC Open Taekwondo Games in 2009,  Jalnawala’s International Martial Art Summit in 2011 (JIMAS) & International Martial Arts Championship in (IMAC) 2013. We had most recently invited the Master of Tricking – Mr. Shin Min Cheol of S. Korea for a training seminar in Extreme Taekwondo & Mirme Cup (Taekwondo Demonstration Championship). It was held in our centre in Bilimora, Gujarat.  

The most important achievement for JSTARC & a due recognition for its sincere efforts was the official appointment of JSTARC as the ‘Associate Member of Kukkiwon Overseas Membership System’. This grants JSTARC the Privilege Member Status & makes them the official Kukkiwon representative from India.

KMS Status has given the following benefits to JSTARC:

  1. A set of Kukkiwon approved Branding collaterals to promote the association.
  2. Assistance in Management initiatives like
  3. DO-Jang management Program, KOMS Standard Teaching Program, Kukkiwon Training Curriculum.
  4. Special Projects- National level competitions, exchange – programs etc.

K.O.M.S. Seminars- Special topic centric seminars to better the level of teaching & promoting taekwondo.

Founded in the year 1993 & head quartered at Navi Mumbai, we also have branches in Bengaluru, Kolhapur & Gujarat. We specialize in the martial arts of Taekwondo & Hapkido. Our team consists of experienced professionals, veteran players, visiting foreign experts & a pool of devoted staff. We have created India’s 1st Taekwondo demo team that has won competitions & been a finalist in a noted television reality show. This team has also been declared the ‘Demo Champions’ with the winning cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-  in a national level demo championship held in JIMAS & an increased cash award in IMAC. Due to our devoted & enthusiastic activities we have been honored with the prestigious affiliations with the K-Tigers (world’s best Taekwondo Demo Team), Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters), World Kido Federation & Hanminjok Hapkido Association (Pioneers in Hapkido) & the Yongin University (Premier education institute in S.Korea)

This expertise of world-renowned Masters and Olympic Style Training methodologies enables  JSTARC to progress at rapid pace in its quest to popularize Taekwondo Culture & Hapkido in India. Along with our well-trained, well-informed and dedicated instructors, experts, trainers & advisors, our main activities involve:

  • Regular classes & certificate courses in Taekwondo & Hapkido
  • Training in schools
  • Special programs in self defense for security staff, women organization, armed forces etc
  • Belt Exams
  • Competitions & Championships (Inter-Club, District, State, National level)   
  • Camps & subject specific seminars

Our Powerbrands are:

  • Inspire: A powerbrand dedicated to impart Scientific & methodical training in Taekwondo. It offers Olympic level training programs of various intensities & duration. There are residential & non-residential packages for students all over India. The format of training & contents is based on the guidelines by WTF & Kukkiwon.
  • Impact: The program for advance competitive Taekwondo & the Taekwondo & Hapkido Training & Grading exams. Its an unique & 1st of its kind in India. Formed with an aim to create a martial art hub where like-minded enthusiasts come together for knowledge update, interactive sessions & to compete.
  • Koreafest: Tagged as the ultimate Training Experience, Koreafest has conducted many successful training & or competition oriented tours to S. Korea for masters & students. Koreafest – the infotainment tour, gives you the triple benefit of training under masters, participate or witness international competitions & Demos & know the Korean Culture. It truly provides a 360 degree experience of Taekwondo in its country of origin. It not only focuses on training with top teams & noted universities but also takes the participants to sightseeing tours, places of cultural importance & entertainment destinations. Taekwondo Athletes can participate in Championship & competitions through Koreafest.
  • Leader’s Forum: JSTARC understands the necessity of the knowledge update & creation of training & growth opportunities for masters, academy heads & instructors along with their students. Leader’s forum caters to this need. Various lectures by experts address from masters & grandmasters & counseling sessions are a part of leader’s forum.
  • Street: It is an approach to self defense & a scientific product designed and developed jointly by Jalnawala’s Sports Training & Research Center & Hanminjok Hapkido Association (World Kido Federation) World’s foremost authority on Hapkido. It caters to all aspects & techniques of self defense while highlighting defense, counterattack & dominance.
  • Jalnawala International Martial Art Summit (JIMAS): This mega event is truly India’s biggest martial art congregation that garners participation from all around India & attention from International Martial art fraternity. It includes competitions, camps & seminars.
  • Jalnawala’s International Martial Art Championship (IMAC): The success & response for JIMAS laid the foundation for IMAC. We at JSTARC are in competition with ourselves and we keep raising the benchmark we have set before. The event has a two part focus – Training Seminars and Championships. It witnessed participation of Taekwondo Academies from across India. Apart from the student’s, Business Development Programs for the coaches have been arranged making this event a 360 – degree experience for Indian Martial Arts communities. The highlight was the introduction of the PSS system in Indian competitions & a demonstration of the same was arranged for the benefit of coaches & referees.