Achievements of JSTARC

  1. JSTARC gave its students a platform for advance training; by organizing Referee Seminar in 2002 by Master Ki Hong Kim – 8th Dan, International class 1 Referee – USA.
  2. 2004- Organised the Chun -Cheong University Demonstration. 25 South Korean personnel from the prestigious Chung Cheong University in South Korea were invited for this event. The demo was a revelation for Taekwondo practitioners in India and unfolded various aspects of Modern Taekwondo.
  3. JSTARC organized a Taekwondo Demonstration and Training Program for the Rapid Action Force in 2004 at Kalamboli, Navi Mumbai, India, to enhance self-defense techniques of our sacrosanct force personnel.
  4. Taekwondo Training for Navi Mumbai Police Commandoes at The Commissioner’s Office was a JSTARC initiative.
  5. A Taekwondo festival for the practitioners of Taekwondo in Vasai was organized. It aimed at introducing various avenues in Taekwondo like Poomsae, Taekwondo Aerobics, and Acrobatics.
    2005- Invited 125 members from Korea including the K-Tigers team, for an Indo-Korea cultural festival. It included Korean traditional dance, music & Taekwondo demos. It was the 1st ever Taekwondo demonstration in India & was conducted for the promotion & development of Taekwondo in India as an Olympic Sport.
  6. 2007- Taekwondo demo by Korean team. The chief guest for the 2004, 05, 07 events was the Mumbai Korean Consulate general.
  7. Special Training camp on Poomsae and Sparring in 2007 by Grandmaster Vohra from Vohra’s Martial Arts Academy (United Kingdom) an – 8th Dan International Referee from the WTF was arranged by JSTARC.
  8. JSTARC established India’s 1st Taekwondo Demonstration Team. It has given performances in various places around India & has been trained under the masters from K-Tigers. They have also been featured on a talent show on Indian National Television.
  9. Training seminar on “Basics of Taekwondo” by respected Grandmaster Cheon, Kyung – Moon from Sok-sa Academy in S Korea was yet another JSTARC venture to promote Taekwondo.
  10. 2009- Organized the JSTARC’s Open Taekwondo Games, an all India level championship at the D.Y.Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai. The event witnessed a 50 member K-Tiger delegation which consisted Masters, demo teams, trainers etc., about 3000 participants of various states of India & about 25,000 viewers. It was the biggest Taekwondo event in India & we introduced the kids catagory, workshop for master instructors & students. There were competitions for Sparing, Poomsae & demonstrations. It was a first ever comprehensive championship in India.
  11. July 2009- JSTARC’s Nidhi Nair won the Bronze Medal at the 7th Chuncheon Open.
  12. 2009- 10 Players of JSTARC, under the guidance of head coach Master Nilesh Jalnawala participated in the ‘World Taekwondo Hanmadang’09’ which was held in the Dangjin Stadium.
    2009- 5th Korea Open International Taekwondo Championships at Incheon. The medals won by our students are as follows Poomsae Event of Korea OPEN Foreigners Category
  1. April 2010 – HSCP School students in JSTARC for a 10 day Taekwondo camp
  2. May 2010, Navi Mumbai -JSTARC’s Kukkiwon Black Belt Examinations witnesses over 250 participants from around India. JSTARC Also holds 2 day Camp Impact
  3. June & July 2010- JSTARC offers Triple Bonanza Korea Fest 2010 (11th World Taekwondo Festival & Korean Classic Open 2010, 4th World Taekwondo Cultural Expo, Yeong Cheon 1st International Clubs Open Taekwondo Championships)
  4. JSTARC invites applications for Deputy / Associate – Regional Director Pan India
  5. JSTARC Masters Visit Korea to Strengthen Taekwondo Related Ties
  6. Two members of JSTARC Management Team – Master Nilesh Jalnawala (CEO & Technical Director) and Master Biju Nair (Head – Marketing & PR) visited Korea from June 2nd to June 13th, 2010 to strengthen bonds with Kukkiwon, K-Tigers and other leading Masters / Dojangs in Korea
  7. JSTARC wins medals at Korea Classic
    1. Gold medal – Korea Kim Eun Chong
    2. Silver medal – Malaysia Zainal Abiddin Shah Nabilah
    3. Bronze medal – 1st bronze- Muthamma
    4. 2nd bronze – Nityashri
    5. Gold medal – Malaysia- Sidek Mohd Affiruddin Bin
    6. Silver medal – India Kannan Jaikumar
    7. Bronze medal – 1st Bronze- Korea Won Ji Gwang
    8. 2nd Bronze – Ku Cheol Hyeon
1. Prajot Pednekar (12~13yrs) (M) GOLD ————–
2. Yash Pednekar (8~9yrs.) (M) BRONZE ————–
3. Shruti Jadhav (12~13yrs) (F) BRONZE ————-


1. Keerthan (8~9yrs) (M) SILVER ————–
2. Yashas Kanthraj (10~11yrs) (M) BRONZE ————–


1. M. B. Muthamma (9~10yrs) (F) GOLD ————–
2. H. L. Muthappa (41~50yrs) (M) SILVER ————–
3. Nithyasri B. S. (9~10yrs) (F) SILVER ————–
4. Rakesh Raju (18~30yrs)(M) BRONZE ————–
5. Sonakshi Sunil (12~13yrs) (F) BRONZE ————–

TOTAL 10 Medals
2 – GOLD

  1. Team JSTARC shines the brightest with 41 medals at the 4th World Taekwondo Culture Expo
  2. The glorious win of players of JSTARC Member- Deccan Taekwondo Academy
  3. Master Nilesh Gadekar & Master Debabratta Dutta, of JSTARC receive 5th Dan from Kukkiwon.
  4. JSTARC masters successfully complete Foreigner’s Taekwondo Training Course from Kukkiwon.
  5. JSTARC introduces Hapkido as a self defense technique in its centers across India.
  6. STREET – World Famous Approach To Self Defense- A scientific product designed and developed jointly by Jalnawala’s Sports Training & Research Center & Hanminjok Hapkido Association (World Kido Federation)
  7. JSTARC successfully completed 500 + Black Belt applications in a single year
  8. JSTARC successfully held the 3rd Kukkiwon certified Black Belt exams in Bengaluru
  9. JSTARC promotes latest initiative in self-defense- ‘STREET’ in a special tour across India. Invites Master Scott Seo to India
  10. JSTARC Announces the 2nd mega event- Jalnawala’s International Martial Arts Summit to be held in April 2011. The location for the same will be the international sports venue – ‘Shree Shiv Chhatrapati International Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune’
  • The successful execution of the 5 day event Jalnawala’s International Martial Arts Summit at the international sports venue – ‘Shree Shiv Chhatrapati International Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune’. It was participated by over 600 players from all around India. There were workshops & seminars held by world renowned masters from Korea- KTigers & Hapkido sessions by Master Scott Seo. Initiatives like Leader’s Forum, Referee Seminars, Extreme Taekwondo & Train the Trainer were welcomed by all. Grand demos by K-Tigers team at Shaniwarwada, & at the opening & closing ceremonies were arranged.
  • The rising crime rate against women & repeated cases of chain snatching prompted the organisation of a 1 day workshop in the renowned martial art – Hapkido in Pune on the 12th June 2011. The event was organised by, Satish Misal Pratishthan. The successful training was attended by about 250 women of all ages & from all walks of life. The premier martial arts institute from Mumbai (Navi Mumbai) Jalnawala Sports Training & Research Center popularly known as JSTARC conducted the training. under the able guidance of Master Nilesh Jalnawala, (6th DAN in Taekwondo & 4th DAN in Hapkido) a team of 15 trainers taught the basics of self-defense to the participants like Wrist- Escape technique, Vital points of attack & pressure points, Joint -Blocking Techniques etc.
  • Koreafest July 2011 takes students to the Choncheon Open.
  • Kukkiwon certified Black Belt Grading Exams will be held in Navi Mumbai, Bengaluru & Kolkata in June end & July.
  • Street – Hapkido Seminar for Level 1 was conducted at the Sanpada Dojang.
  • A workshop on self defense was held at the JSTARC (Sanpada Center) Taekwondo Gym by senior experts.
  • Received the Affiliation of the reputed Yong In University of S. Korea.
  • Master Shivram Makwana successfully acquired 3rd Dan in Taekwondo. During his visit to S. Korea, along with Master Nilesh Jalnawala of JSTARC at the prestigious Kukkiwon.
  • Koreafest is one of JSTARC’s fastest moving Brand is popular equally among students & masters. Recently under the supervision of Master Nilesh Jalnawala (Co-Founder & Technical Director- JSTARC), masters from India visited S. Korea.
  • JSTARC holds a successful 5 day basic Taekwondo Seminar at Sawaj Taekwondo Academy in November 2011 at Billimorea, Gujarat. It was under the guidance of JSTARC’s Master Jaikumar Kannan. A count of about 200 students of various ages attended the camp.
  • Master Nilesh Jalnawala & Master H.L.Muthappa visited Kolkata for a Taekwondo Sparring Referee seminar.
  • JSTARC initiated the invitation of applications & inquiries for State Level Affiliations for the formation of a National Hapkido Body