Maitree Chashak (Taekwondo Competition) takes place in Mumbai

Andheri, Mumbai, April 2016

Maitree Chashak (Taekwondo Competition) takes place in Mumbai

By In News On April 24, 2016

As the name suggests, Maitree Chashak is a friendly inter – club Taekwondo Competition. 2016 is the 5th year of the Chashak & till date it has received an encouraging response. The aim of the event, apart from promoting Taekwondo as an exciting & comprehensive martial art, is to boost healthy competition & instill a sense of sportsmanship among budding athletes. It was established by Rohidas Shirke of Vedant Taekwondo academy, an affiliate of JSTARC Mumbai. He believes that such competitions help students judge their learning & level of skill among peers & hone them for championships held on a larger platform.

Experts from JSTARC – (HO Navi Mumbai) were chief advisors of this championship. Jalnawala’s Sports Training and Research Center (JSTARC) is an organization that has become synonymous with major activities in martial art in India today. It specializes in Taekwondo & Hapkido (Self- Defense) camps, championships, workshops & seminars. It has a pool of qualified trainers, coaches & officials.

The Maitree Chashak conducted competitions in Sparring (Kyrougi) only. Vedants’s Taekwondo Academy won the group trophy with a medal tally of 114. Unique Taekwondo Academy with 37 medals came in second flowed by JSTRAC – Karad in the 3rd place with a tally of 17 medals.


Result of Under 11 boys