Women's Day @ JSTARC

8th April 2015, Mumbai

Women’s Day @ JSTARC, Mumbai

By In News On March 9, 2016

JSTARC Conducts self-defense workshops for women with their initiative ‘Street’

On the occasion of International Women’s day, JSTARC a noted among the Martial Arts circle had conducted a special seminar in Self-Defense for women. JSTARC is an organisation that effectively promotes all aspects of Taekwondo & Hapkido &brings innovative programs for its members.

We all know the various capacities that women work in today’s world. They have made their mark in all fields & excelled at their work as professionals & homemakers. Yet various incidences that have come into limelight, speak of the inadequate measures for the safety of women. JSTARC has taken the initiative to conduct camps & workshops to impart basic training in effective self-defense methods that will empower them & ensure fundamental safety.

Experts at JSTARC, developed an comprehensive program called ‘Street’. This program uses the principle & techniques of an self-defense oriented martial art- Hapkido. On Women’s Day this year workshop was organised by Endemol Shine India for the benefit of their women employees. Senior instructors from JSTARC, Master Yogesh Joshi & Master Jai Kumar Kannan conducted them.

Master Nilesh Jalnawala, Director – JSTARC comments, “Street is a scientific product designed and developed jointly by Jalnawala’s Sports Training & Research Center& Hanminjok Hapkido Association (World Kido Federation). With an effective combination of warm-up, blocks, punches etc., give comprehensive methods needed to confront unwanted & sudden adverse situations.

An employee Akshata Nadkarni says. “this was a very good workshop. The techniques & tips are easy to follow & they make us alert. It has certainly instilled confidence, that I too can protect myself alone if need be. The exercises are great to increase fitness levels, which add to its many benefits”

‘Street’ is now promoted in schools, colleges & workshops can be booked by any corporate, organisation, club or institute by contacting JSTARC office.

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