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Benefits of Collaboration with JSTARC

JSTARC is fortunate to have tie-ups with Taekwondo related organizations in Korea like Yong In University, Master instructors like K-Tigers, past Olympians & champions. Your academy will benefit from the in-flow of knowledge & latest Taekwondo developments from them.

Being a part of JSTARC, you will receive elevated recognition, in your are of dominance & there will be a considerable increase in your power & status quotient both in India & on the International platform.
You get a team complete with well-trained, well-informed and dedicated instructors, experts, trainers, advisors and visiting experts Academy heads, Senior masters & other members of prominence will get a chance to work with the core team in various JSTARC initiatives.
Being a member of JSTARC, you are directly entitled to various facilities, special offers, discounts & information priority offered to our associates. Also members will receive preference over non-members in terms of recognitions, international certification, courses, international forums, higher Dan, JSTARC Championships etc.