Jalnawala’s Sports Training & Research Center has always strived to bring innovative programs in the field of Taekwondo & allied martial arts. This involves special workshops, seminars & coaching camps & sessions with world-renowned experts.

The expansion of its ventures as led it to design ‘Street’. It is a scientific product designed and developed jointly by JSTARC & Hanminjok Hapkido Association (World Kido Federation) & will is an International Certification Course. It caters to all major aspects & techniques of self-defense while highlighting Defense, Counter Attack & Dominance.

Influenced by the internationally renowned Self Defense technique –Hapkido, ‘STREET’ covers three broad audiences – Amateur Martial Arts Practitioners, Corporate Women & Special Security Forces & aims to achieve clarity of mind, alertness in body movements and control of one’s senses to manage violent & difficult situations or surprise attacks. To pursue this particular technique of self-defense one does not require any formal training in martial arts. It is a part of the training for many armies & intelligence services around the world. Hapkido Grading has been incorporated in the Black Belt Grading program by JSTARC- Impact.

Under Street, JSTARC along with Master Scott Seo has successfully concluded a 5 city tour across India in 2010. Apart from Martial art students from various academies, JSTARC has trained A team from Navi Mumbi Police, group of Corporate Professionals from HSBC & an all female team from St. Mira’s College in Pune.