History of Hanminjok Hapkido

Official government recognition from the Korean government

Hanminjok Hapkido Association received official government recognition from the Korean government (ministry of culture and tourism).

Its founding purposes are:
Development of the mind and body of all people through the practice of Hapkido

  • Preservation and dissemination of Korean traditional martial arts
  • Upholding love of country and people
  • Establishment of national prestige through sharing of Hapkido overseas
  • Pursuit of world peace and reunification of Korea through sharing of Hapkido

Currently, there are 450 member schools nationally and hundreds of member schools abroad, with over two million Hapkido practitioners. It has been accepted as a national martial art and is established in the police, security, military, and the educational systems.

Main functions of Hanminjok Hapkido association are as follows: examination and Dan certification, demonstrations, tournaments, seminars, overseas dojang establishment, martial arts exchanges, research and development of martial arts, grants, cultural development, enhancement of national physical fitness and health, and the enhancement of national spirit through the spirit of Hapkido.