History of World Kido Federation

The World Kido Federation


The World Kido Federation was founded by Grandmaster In Sun Seo in 1986 to serve as a link between the official martial arts governing body of Korea and the rest of the martial arts community of the world. With the formation of World Kido Federation, the international practitioners of Korean Martial Arts can registered their ranks and schools with an official Korean government recognized organization, which will ensure permanent documentation of their martial arts history. Unlike some private organizations that have collapsed when their leaders pass away or leave the martial arts altogether, World Kido Federation’ direct link to the government recognized organization in Korea ensures legitimacy, continuity, and safety for all our members. World Kido Federation members enjoy registration of their records through Han Min Jok Hapkido Association which is a premier, well respected martial arts organization founded by Grandmaster In Sun Seo. Han Min Jok Hapkido Association is a non-profit martial arts organization registered with the ministry of culture/tourism of Korea.